Wahl Designer


Comes with 6 Cutting Guides (1/8in. – 1in.)
Variable taper lever adjusts taper and texture
High precision blades
Cuts hair wet or dry
Twice the speed of pivot motor clippers

The Wahl Designer machine is a powerful hair clipper from the renowned Wahl brand. Precision-designed and durable, this machine offers a professional and precise cut with every use. Equipped with sharp and adjustable blades, it allows for easy achievement of different cutting lengths and hairstyles.

With its powerful and quiet motor, the Wahl Designer delivers optimal performance, ensuring a quick and efficient cut without compromising on quality. Additionally, its ergonomic and lightweight design provides comfort and control throughout the entire hairdressing session.

Ideal for barbers and stylists, the Wahl Designer machine is versatile and adapts to a wide range of hair styles and textures. From classic cuts to more elaborate designs, this clipper provides impeccable and precise results.

The Wahl Designer comes with additional accessories such as guide combs and lubricating oil to facilitate its use and maintenance. It is a reliable and durable choice for hairdressing professionals seeking a high-quality machine.

In summary, the Wahl Designer machine is a professional hair clipper with sharp and adjustable blades, a powerful and quiet motor, ergonomic design, and versatility to adapt to different hair styles. It is a reliable and long-lasting tool for achieving precise and quality cuts in the hair salon.


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